IFX Hyundai i30N Love Me Car Kit
IFX Hyundai i30N Love Me Car Kit
IFX Hyundai i30N Love Me Car Kit
IFX Hyundai i30N Love Me Car Kit
IFX Hyundai i30N Love Me Car Kit
IFX Hyundai i30N Love Me Car Kit

IFX Hyundai i30N Love Me Car Kit

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Everybody loves their car, right? So why not show and provide your car with the best lubrication and protection to keep it going longer and stronger?

Our IFX “Love Me Car Kit”, contains 5L of Nulon 5W-30 Racing Engine Oil, Nulon Long Term Anti-wear Engine Protection, as well as a Genuine Hyundai I30 N Oil Filter, It's the perfect combination of products for you to show your baby exactly how much you love your car.

What your kit contains:

  • Nulon 5W-30 5.0L Racing Oil
  • Nulon Long Term Anti-Wear Engine Protection
  • 1x Genuine Hyundai i30 N Oil Filter

Nulon 5W-30 Racing Engine Oil

Nulon Full Synthetic 5W-30 Racing Oil is recommended for use in multi-cam, multi-valve, turbocharged, supercharged, and normally aspirated, high-performance, high output, race, and modified street engines.

Nulon 5W-30 Racing oil contains Molybdenum Dithiocarbamate (Moly DTc), scientifically proven to dramatically reduce friction, provide increased protection against engine wear, and maximise engine power.

Group IV PAO (Poly Alpha Olefin) and Group V AN (Alkylated Naphthalene) base oils are at the core of this high-performance racing oil.


  • Shear stable racing formula for protection from cold start-up to extreme race temperature
  • Contains Moly DTc proven to reduce friction, reduce wear, and achieve maximum engine power
  • High anti-wear protection + friction-reducing formula (Zinc + Moly Dtc = 2300PPM)
  • Maintain oil pressure under extreme racing conditions 
  • Excellent hydrolytic stability - it does not break down in the presence of water, a common problem with vehicles using E85 and other high-performance fuels
  • Excellent seal compatibility
  • Promotes engine cleanliness

Nulon Long Term Anti-Wear Engine Protection

Nulon Long Term Anti-Wear Engine Protection provides the most superior anti-friction protection available. Just one simple treatment protects moving engine components from metal-on-metal wear by providing a residual coating of P.T.F.E around the engine.

P.T.F.E has one of the lowest coefficient friction properties available and provides enhanced friction and wear protection over that of engine oil alone. Suitable for ll types of petrol engines, ages, and conditions.


  • Reduces friction
  • Reduces wear
  • Provides superior cold start protection
  • Prolongs engine life
  • Promotes smoother engine performance.

Genuine Hyundai I30N Oil Filter

Most of us have asked ourselves: “Why should I choose a genuine, OEM oil filter over a third-party filter that’s supposed to be the same quality but cheaper?”

At IFX, we always try to offer the best value for money to our customers, so the real question is: “Why are genuine, OEM oil filters so strongly recommended by us?”

The answer is simple, they are of a MUCH higher quality. From the filter medium to the construction material and even the manufacturer’s quality control, there’s just no comparison; genuine, OEM is best.

Modern, high-performance engines like the Hyundai i30N’s turbocharged 2.0L need consistent oil supply and generate much higher oil pressure than their predecessors, so it’s essential that oil is efficiently filtered to guarantee lubrication of all moving parts.

Unlike most other performance parts, genuine, OEM oil filters offer superior performance when compared to aftermarket alternatives, with the efficiency and longevity benefits far outweighing the price difference.

Regular price $210.00 $0.00
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