About IFX. Where it all began, and what it means for you.

We started our shop out of frustration of workshops saying that they couldn't make what we wanted, so we had no choice but to do things ourselves. We formed an attitude that we could do or make anything. We had to find a way! This led to the naming of our workshop, Impossible Fabrication. Daniel (Grub) is our Leader here in Products, Research and Development, and Paul (Asian Paul) as part of our Development Team.

i30n Development Program.
The start of our i30n development program started from a chance meeting at a local car dealership, one Saturday afternoon. After watching a short video about the i30n on Facebook, we felt compelled to look at the car that we went to the local dealership straight away.

One thing that bothers us about the aftermarket industry is that a lot of companies don't take the time to develop their products to a high standard or the "KITS" are missing parts and or they don't come with instructions, etc. Dealing with poorly fitted and not well thought out parts over the past six years has given us a passion for designing and developing high-level parts for an affordable price. Before we started making any parts for the i30n, we stepped back and looked at the whole performance industry and decided that we could do performance upgrades in a whole new way. The first thing we wanted was to deliver an entire performance solution for the customer that any basic mechanic could install correctly. This then led us to the idea of freighting parts and components assembled ready to install. By doing this, it reduced the installation time and the chance of mistakes.

Another issue about the aftermarket industry is that no components you purchase can be upgraded without completely replacing them. To combat this, we have designed all-out parts with the ability to be upgraded to handle higher horsepower while retaining as many already purchased components. By doing this, we will reduce the overall cost of building a car in stages. All the parts we are producing, aim to extend and complement what Hyundai has done and give the car a standard feel (a style called OEM +).

We strive to make the best kits and parts available, with your help and suggestions we will be able to get you to where you want your car (the love of your life) to perform.