Hyundai i30N IFX-660 Garrett Turbo
Hyundai i30N IFX-660 Garrett Turbo
Hyundai i30N IFX-660 Garrett Turbo
Hyundai i30N IFX-660 Garrett Turbo
Hi-Spool Industries

Hyundai i30N IFX-660 Garrett Turbo

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Hi-Spool Garrett IFX-660 Turbo for Hyundai i30N

The ultimate bolt-on turbo upgrade for your i30N

We wanted to build the ultimate turbo upgrade for the Hyundai i30N, so we teamed up with Hi-Spool Industries to design and develop this ultimate bolt-on upgrade turbo.

  • Genuine Garrett G25-660

The heart of this turbo is the genuine Garrett G25-660. This proven turbo size is known for its factory reliability and fast spooling characteristics.

  • Ball Bearing Core

The ball-bearing core ensures that the turbo spools up quickly and reliably, even at high boost levels.

  • Factory Twin Scroll Turbine Housing

The factory twin scroll turbine housing provides a fast spooling response and a factory look.

  • Factory Lines

The factory oil drain and water lines ensure a direct fit and trouble-free installation.

  • Factory Wastegate

The factory wastegate provides a safe and reliable boost control system.

  • Plug and Play

The turbo is plug-and-play, meaning it can be tuned on the factory ECU.

  • Bolt-on Kit

The turbo comes with a complete bolt-on kit, making installation simple and easy.

If you're looking for the ultimate turbo upgrade for your Hyundai i30N, then the Hi-Spool Garrett IFX-660 is the perfect choice for you.


  • Genuine Garrett G25-660
  • Ball bearing core
  • Factory twin scroll turbine housing
  • Factory lines
  • Factory wastegate
  • Plug and play
  • Bolt-on kit


  • Increased power and torque
  • Faster spooling response
  • Improved throttle response
  • Factory reliability
  • Simple and easy installation

Kit Contents:

  • New Garrett G25-660 turbo machined into a brand new facelift turbo manifold, with E-Wastegate and push rod calibrated and ready to install 
  • Braided oil feed line with oil line filter covered in heat-protected sleeving  
  • Water In/Outlet banjo studs allows you to bolt your factory banjo water lines to the garret turbo core. 
  • New Turbo drain gasket 
  • Rear intercooler pipe 
  • New exhaust studs 
  • New exhaust nuts 
  • Genuine Hyundai exhaust gasket (cylinder head)
  • Genuine Hyundai exhaust gasket (turbo outlet) 
  • 3-inch silicone elbow intake joiner 
  • 2-inch silicone intercooler pipe joiner 
  • 2-inch hose clamps 
  • 3-inch hose clamps 
  • Turbo drain bolts  
Regular price $6,500.00 $0.00
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