Hyundai I30 n, Catch Can Kit. Closed Circuit

Hyundai I30 n, Catch Can Kit. Closed Circuit

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  • Large catchment tank 
  • Easy installation 
  • Comprehensive kit, everything supplied
  • 3 layer baffle system
  • 1.5-inch breather outlet - used in open circuit
  • M12x1.5mm female hose fittings 
  • ½ inch hose connections
  • Strong 3mm sheet alloy 
  • Powder-coated 
  • Australian made

Hyundai I30n IFX Oil Catch Can kit 

Over the past 9 years, we have made numerous custom catch cans of all shapes and designs. Breather tanks that worked great, and others that did not. These Years of trial and error have helped us refine this Hyundai i30n catch can kit. We have invested many hours into designing this part. Why? Because we pride ourselves on developing functional, essential and durable parts for your car. Even creating such a 'simple' oil catch can we go to the extra effort to make sure the part performs.

You might be asking yourself what makes our catch can stand out. Well, let me tell you.

Our Internal Tank Baffles. In most catch cans, you have no baffling or filter.

Using Solidworks 3D CAD, we have modelled a simple yet highly effective 3 baffle pre-chamber system like no others. This pre-chamber is sealed inside the tank with all engine gases forced through 3 angled and slotted plates. Because of the multiple air pathways, this design is highly efficient at condensing hot gas back into a liquid. with these liquids then flowing down into the large catchment tank

Why Do I need a catch can?

Simply put, since the 1960's auto manufacturers have been required by law to recycle excess engine vapours from the engine case. Previously gases produced by combustion, heat, and the piston movement were vented to open air. Nowadays, these gases are drawn from the engine cam cover into the intake manifold through a part called a positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve. Systematically it works great, but it has one major flaw on a direct-injected engine like your Hyundai i30 n, and that's due to the lack of fuel in the intake manifold. When the PCV system was invented, engines mixed fuel and air inside the intake manifold. This fuel-air mixture was sucked into the engine. This fuel mixture aided in removing the oil vapours deposited from the PCV system. However, in recent times, on a direct-injected engine, the problem is there is no fuel to wash the residue left once the crankcase gases condense back into liquids. When the fuel and water have evaporated, it leaves only engine oil behind. This oil is now stuck in the intake manifold, and the cycle starts again. The main issue here is that this oil hardens and builds up just like cholesterol in an artery over time. Eventually, it will begin to restrict airflow. The 2 main areas of concern are the engine valves and the VCM system (Valve control module, which moves flaps inside the intake manifold). Over time, this oil build-up turns into a tar-like consistency, reduces ENGINE HORSEPOWER, and becomes a major and expensive process to clean.

The easiest and simplest way to prevent this is to fit an engine oil catch can. This part filters out all the oil, fuel and water before getting to your engine. This will save you time and money and prevent a costly upper cylinder head cleaning. Installation of this part will prolong the healthy life of your engine. so if you love your Hyundai i30n, add it to the cart now and purchase yourself a catch can Kit

Catch Can Kit Installation Guide.

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