2018-2020 Hyundai I30 n, Cold Air Intake V1.1 6-Inch Bell Mouth. K&N Filter
2018-2020 Hyundai I30 n, Cold Air Intake V1.1 6-Inch Bell Mouth. K&N Filter
2018-2020 Hyundai I30 n, Cold Air Intake V1.1 6-Inch Bell Mouth. K&N Filter
2018-2020 Hyundai I30 n, Cold Air Intake V1.1 6-Inch Bell Mouth. K&N Filter
2018-2020 Hyundai I30 n, Cold Air Intake V1.1 6-Inch Bell Mouth. K&N Filter
2018-2020 Hyundai I30 n, Cold Air Intake V1.1 6-Inch Bell Mouth. K&N Filter
2018-2020 Hyundai I30 n, Cold Air Intake V1.1 6-Inch Bell Mouth. K&N Filter
2018-2020 Hyundai I30 n, Cold Air Intake V1.1 6-Inch Bell Mouth. K&N Filter
2018-2020 Hyundai I30 n, Cold Air Intake V1.1 6-Inch Bell Mouth. K&N Filter

2018-2020 Hyundai I30 n, Cold Air Intake V1.1 6-Inch Bell Mouth. K&N Filter

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6-Inch Bell Mouth Cold Air Intake V1.1 




We are excited to introduce you to our first of many Hyundai I30n bolt-on upgrade parts. Hyundai has outdone themselves with the I30 n, and we are eager to push the limits of this amazing, extremely underrated car. Our aim for our Hyundai i30 n development program is to deliver high-performing parts and intelligent design to provide aftermarket capability with OEM quality. Our team are incredibly passionate about creative and innovative design while maintaining practicality, taking pride in our ability to achieve a flawless fit and finish, time after time. We have put a lot of time into planning our parts development program for the I30 n, with modular integration of future parts already designed into this 6-Inch Bell Mouth Cold Air Intake, The largest available for the Hyundai I30 n. We are in the final stages of finishing three new products for the I30 n, with many more in the planning and early development stages. 


Reasons you Fitting a Cold Air Intake

It's all about the sound! 

The menacing sounds made from the enormous 6-inch bell-mouth are PURE EAR PORN. The Scream of the turbo is really alive after 4000 rpm, this massive boost in intake sound is something only the real ear can do justice. But you know WHATS EVEN BETTER? is if you also fit a dose plate! this will give you a childish head-turning turbo flutter, this one-two combination is a recipe to cure any depression and leave you with a massive smile, GUARANTEED!   

 Striking looks, Improved appearance

Modern factory engine bays are boring with large plastic covers hiding an ugly engine, littered with sensors and parts that leave you scratching your head! Fitting a performance intake will give you a reason to open your bonnet and show off your engine bay.

Colder air, better noises, more power

An induction kit is often the first modification people do to their cars due to the ease of fitment, increased intake sound and relatively low cost for usually around a 2-5% power increase.

Finer filtration, less restriction

Standard paper filters are inferior to the cotton-style 6-inch K&N high-performance air filter used in this kit for a number of reasons. The main difference is how the filters collect dirt particles. Fine-grained paper filters use layers of SHRINKING PATHWAYS to catch finer dirt particles, which works well to trap dirt but causes poor airflow. Paper filters block up very quickly and have a significantly shorter working life with even shorter peak performance. Cotton air filters capture dirt particles with a thin coating of oil in the filter. Since the oil is doing most of the dirt filtration, more air can flow through coarser holes while providing better filtration than a standard filter(?). Cotton filters are reusable with minimal power loss between cleaning intervals. K&N offers a 1 million MILE warranty (which is over 1.6 million kilometres). To put this in perspective, the factory filter would require replacement every 30,000km; you would go through 53 of them to every 1 K&N.

You can read more about how a cotton air filter works on the K&N website.


The Art Of Design




  • Shape- The air-box is of 5 sided design. The top edge of the air-box makes contact with the bonnet, Sealing the box from the engine box heat.
  • Placement- The air-box is mounted further over then factory to increase usable engine bay space for future products.
  • Mounting- We have utilized factory mounting points, which means no drilling or additional bolts required for the ease of installation.     
  • Bell Mouth- The use of a massive 6-inch to 3-inch bell-mouth is the key to our design. Using a bell-mouth significantly reduces air turbulence at the entry into the intake pipe and provides much better airflow over a conventional intake pipe inlet.   
  • Seal- A durable rubber pinch mould seal is fitted along the top edge of the airbox. This seal aids in protecting the air filter from drawing hot air from the engine bay compartment
  • Ducting/ lock of ducting from factory location- The air for the engine is drawn in from the large opening in the inner wheel arch. While developing the induction kit, we discovered that the factory air ducting doesn't have any ramming effect from the high-pressure air on the front of the vehicle. We felt that attempting to connect to factory duct up would be an added complication to the design of the Airbox for no added performance gains. It was our initial intention to connect this factory duct up to our Airbox and produce an air ramming scoop behind the grill. But to achieve this style scoop it would require parts of the vehicle to be cut and this would affect the warranty of the car.   
  • Future mounting points- On the underside of the Airbox, we have included two additional sets of mounting holes. These holes will be used for the mounting of products we are currently designing for the I30n. The holes are blanked off with rubber grommets  


Intake pipe


  • Hose fittings- The use of screw-in aluminium hose fittings is key to the intake pipes adaptability. Using of this type hose connector, it allows you to remove the hose tails and block them up Allen key plugs. Or swap to AN fittings for the use of braided hoses 
  • Female bungs- Using these fittings is key to the adaptability of the hose connections, which is essential for our soon to be released i30n catch can kit  
  • Tube- 3 inch CNC mandrel-bent aluminium tube with bead rolled ends.
  • Bov return pipe- The pipe is designed to be used with the stock re-circulation valve hose (BOV) 


Air Filter


We have chosen the K&N 6 inch filter because we felt that this filter has an excellent presence inside the I30n’s engine bay. We trust in K&N filters, and we think you do too, they are so sure of their product they offer a 1 MILLION MILE WARRANTY!


"A little aside" K&N is manufactured across a ten building complex covering 400,000 SQUARE FOOT (37,000 square meters), and that's only in California. They also have factories in two other countries! You are probably thinking WTF- if a filter last 1 MILLION MILES where are they all going?




The 3-inch intake pipe and air box are powder coated in stunning textured black. The textured coating gives the parts an OEM + feel and fits the overall look of the engine bay. We have matched the pipe up with Black anodised Speedflow fitting and black silicone hoses to complete the look.   


6 Inch Bell Mouth Kit Contains


  • Powder-coated black aluminium air-box, with 6-Inch Bell mouth and top blister rubber seal.
  • 3 inch Aluminium intake pipe, with ½” and ⅜” hose tail.
  • 6 Inch K&N cotton air filter. (6 inch flange, 7.5>4.5 inch body, 6 inch long)
  • 4 ply Black Silicone joiners.
  • Breeze Worm drive hose clamps. 


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