Nissan sr20 stock replacement turbo manifold
Nissan sr20 stock replacement turbo manifold
Nissan sr20 stock replacement turbo manifold
Nissan sr20 stock replacement turbo manifold
Nissan sr20 stock replacement turbo manifold
Nissan sr20 stock replacement turbo manifold

Nissan sr20 stock replacement turbo manifold

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We are excited to introduce our Nissan SR20 stock replacement turbo manifold. It is a key component when looking to upgrade your Nissan Silvia. This manifold has a low profile design which ensures it fits well whilst still maximising performance. We have invested over 200 hours in perfecting this manifold to ensure ease of fitment, striking looks and amazing performance gains.


-High grade carbon steel

-32mm (1 1/4) primary runners, 3mm wall thickness 

-long form 4 into 1 merge collector

-Seamless port transitions

-High Temp powder coated

-Lifetime warranty

Our Design


  • Collector: The key to our outstanding manifolds is our specially designed merge collector. Through extensive testing, we have found a steeper and longer collector angle is key to reducing turbulence inside the collector chamber. The reduction in turbulence greatly increases velocity inside the collector due to the gas pulses being aimed directly into the turbine housing. This increase in velocity and improved laminar flow decreases spool time as the pressurised air exiting the exhaust port has a smoother and straighter entry into turbo exhaust housing.  


    Primary Runners: In designing our SR20 manifold, we reflected on our years of experience fitting competitor turbo manifolds and focused on fixing their shortfalls before we made our first product sample. We feel that most manifold designs forget about the end user and that they are fitting the product on to a car. With this in mind, we focused our attention on ensuring that the product fits 100% correctly with no additional modification to other key engine bay components such as water hoses, braking systems and body panels. We have compressed the manifold down into the smallest and best flowing design in the given space while still allowing you to use general hand tools for ease of fitment. We have chosen to use a “ram-horn” style runner configuration. In this configuration there is a very straight section exiting the exhaust port. This increases gas velocity by allowing more time for exhaust gasses to exit the port before having to change direction. Another benefit of this straight section is that it also gives more space to access the flange plate bolts.


    Manufacturing process: We feel that the key to manufacturing a consistent product is designing specialised tooling and assembly jigs for manufacture. We have strict quality control procedures to ensure that the products we produce meet our own high standards as well as delivering a quality product. This means our designs are reliable and won't let you down when you need the product to perform. Our team of skilled welders and fabricators inspect each others work, creating an internal accountability in accordance to our strict quality control procedures. We are so confident in our product  we offer a lifetime warranty.


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